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Maintenance Plans

TemperaturePro highly recommends the cost-effective investment into a professional maintenance plan.  It is the best way to combat wear and tear, which compromises the efficiency, capacity, safety, reliability, and longevity of all makes, models, and styles of heating and cooling equipment.  Our Total Comfort Maintenance Plans are specifically targeted to combat weather conditions in Largo, FL and surrounding areas and deliver maximum value to our residential and commercial clients.

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As a Carrier Dealer, our technicians receive ongoing training and adhere to meticulous service procedures.

Proactive measures include:

  • Burner Inspection
  • Cleaning or Replacement of Air Filters
  • Exhaust Fan Cleaning
  • Evaporator & Condenser Coil Cleaning
  • Fuel System Inspection
  • Heat Exchanger Inspection
  • Ignition Inspection
  • Inspection/Leak Testing of Refrigerant Lines
  • Inspection/Tightening of Electrical Connections
  • Lubrication of Moving Parts
  • System Cleaning
  • Thermostat Calibration
  • Verification of System Controls


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If regular troubleshooting is neglected, minor issues are allowed to graduate into costly repairs and even system failure or safety hazards.  Diminished comfort, degraded air quality, extended running times, elevated noise levels, higher cost of operation, and failure to meet warranty requirements are some of the many consequences.

TemperaturePro has tailored our Comfort Maintenance Plans to extend system life and protect against malfunctions.  Rather than pay the higher price of reactive repairs, you enjoy the benefits of cost-effective, proactive strategies.  We help you avoid sudden disruption, property damage, and needless stress.

Why take advantage of a Comfort Maintenance Plan?

  • Combat Malfunction
  • Extend Service Life
  • Healthier Air Quality
  • Fulfill Warranty Obligations
  • Lower Cost of System Ownership
  • Minimized Utility Bills
  • Promotes Peak Heating/Cooling Capacity
  • Quieter Sound Levels
  • Restored Energy Efficiency
  • Superior Indoor Comfort