From all of us at TemperaturePro Tampa Bay, our thoughts go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Irma and those who suffered from flooding damage. We are here to HELP you. In case you haven’t heard, we’re offering a 10% off discount on HVAC servicing for those affected.

We stand by our community.

In addition, we wanted to make a public service announcement regarding flooded units and your safety. Please keep reading…

Recommendations: Flood Impact on HVAC Systems

If your HVAC system has been submerged or damaged by flood water, it is highly recommended that a qualified technician come out to inspect your unit.

We can do this for you as soon as possible, just give us a call at 800-269-2665!

  • If flood water may have caused your indoor or outdoor units to be repositioned, that can lead to refrigerant leaks. In this case, your unit may need a major repair or full replacement.
  • If your system remains intact, you will need to have it completely cleaned, dried, and disinfected!
  • If your ductwork has come in contact with flood water, then it should not be salvaged due to contamination and needs to be dealt with by a certified technician like ours!

Homeowners should take extreme caution about flood damage and bring a technician out to inspect their systems.

Be Advised: Warranty Statement for Flood Damaged Equipment

Since flooding and partial submersion of your HVAC equipment can cause safety issues, you are strongly advised to contact a professional before resuming operation of your system.

Your equipment may still run in the short-run, but this can lead to long-term damage and issues for your unit and its performance.

In the case of immersion or partial immersion of floodwaters and the resulting operational compromises within your unit, the warranty will be voided. This should be handled as your insurance claim and the equipment should be replaced. The equipment will not be repaired as a warranty claim or serviced on a standard call.

We are more than prepared to help check your system or get you safely running again!