Air conditioning maintenance is a very important component of owning an air conditioning system. For serious problems, you should contact an experienced HVAC technician to diagnose and resolve the issue.

However, there are some minor repairs homeowners can do on their own! Let’s go through a list of actions YOU can take on your own to maintain the heating and cooling systems in your home.

  • Clean off your unit and keep the exterior clear of debris and obstruction to ensure clear air flow.
  • Clean your indoor air vents and wipe off dust and dirt to maintain good air quality.
  • Change your air filters every 30-90 days.
  • Charge your coolant levels to replenish the liquid that flows through the coils and keeps your air cool.
  • Troubleshoot your air conditioner by checking thermostat settings, checking the power, checking the air filter, or checking the ducts.
  • Shutdown your system to avoid more performance issues and to prevent any more damage.
  • Be proactive and perform frequent system checks to prolong the life of your equipment.

The world of HVAC systems can be intimidating, but you are totally capable of keeping up with minor things on your own!

Performing these small, cautious tasks will prevent major breakdowns and high-cost system repairs. Who wouldn’t want that?!

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  • Roger Middleton says:

    My wife has been worried about our air conditioner because it just isn’t working like it used to and she’s worried it won’t work next year when we’ll need it. I liked that you had mentioned that it can be important to be proactive and have it checked often for possible problems to catch them before they turn into anything bigger. I’ll have to start looking around for a professional that can look at our AC and see if there are any problems and handle any possible repairs and have them check it before the problem gets bigger.

  • Changing air filters seems easy, but so many people forget to do it I feel. It makes such a difference in the air quality it is worth setting a reminder for. I am glad you mentioned the importance of it and to do it every 3 months.

  • Kayla says:

    I agree that indoor air vents should be cleaned regularly. My husband is planning to clean and our heating and air conditioner on his own because it’s making noise. My dad suggested having HVAC contractors and shared this article with him. It says that we should change our air filter every thirty to ninety days.

  • fixwix says:

    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share.

  • Michael says:

    I think that what you had to say here about cleaning your HVAC is really important in helping it work optimally. Just as you mentioned, you should be cleaning off all the debris, dust, leaves, and obstructions in order to endure clear air flow. My little brother just moved into a home and wants to make sure that the home’s heating is working optimally before the winter comes. With that being said, I will let him know about his system’s filter.

  • Larry Weaver says:

    Thanks for the tip to change my air filters every 30-90 days. My unit broke down, and I want to get it repaired now when it’s not hot outside. I’ll be sure to start changing my air filters regularly so that after I get air conditioner repair services, I’ll be able to extend its life.

  • Marcus says:

    I had no idea that it was recommended to replace the air filter in your HVAC systems every 30-90 days. It is important to remember that doing some research and understanding how your own units work can help you find the best way to keep your cooling system working right. we are planning on getting a new heater and want to make sure we make the right choice and how to maintain it better this time around, so I’m glad I found your page.

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