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Heat Pump Service

Heat pump manufacturers and industry professionals strongly recommend regular maintenance to protect system performance.  We all agree. Conscientious troubleshooting, tuning, and cleaning not only satisfies warranty coverage, but is crucial to reliable, efficient, and long-term operation.  Unfortunately, not every contractor follows exacting procedures to achieve maximum benefit. At TemperaturePro, we’ve developed a “zero tolerance” process to ensure every necessary task is completed properly.

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Our technicians are equipped with iPad technology, providing an accessible database.  Along with helpful information and invoices, we include a thorough maintenance report which allows you to keep track of the completion of services.  This innovative method of doing business is specific to TemperaturePro, and avoids miscommunication while optimizing the value of your investment.


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As a Carrier Dealer, our HVAC specialists are held to strict criteria of technical expertise and training.  From initial scheduling to the completion of the job, we maintain an organized timetable and adhere to a strict checklist. As an entirely paperless company, our advanced management software keeps you always in-the-know.  Along with an email or text confirmation of your appointment, we send a reminder on the evening prior, notification when a technician is dispatched, and include a photo and bio of the specific professional. Get in touch with TemperaturePro at (727) 485-0424 to learn more about our Total Comfort Maintenance Plans.