Total Comfort Program

Residential HVAC Maintenance Program for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Total Comfort Program

TemperaturePro Tampa Bay is pleased to be partnered with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices to offer property managers a planned maintenance program, Total Comfort Program.

As a property manager, you’ll be avoiding significant stress and money by choosing TemperaturePro’s trusted maintenance services. By choosing this program, you will:

  • Increase system lifespans.
  • Identify issues before they cause system downtime.
  • Improve the long-term budgeting process with owners.

Easy Scheduling

  • We’ll remind you, the tenant, or both when service is due.
  • Our technology keeps you and the tenant updated in real time.
  • Appointments can be schedule online.

Plan Ahead

  • Anticipate upcoming repairs and replacements.
  • Manage owner’s expectations on future costs.
  • Access historical data to assist in analysis and planning.

Reliable Records

  • Technicians must complete maintenance report.
  • Inspection results are shared immediately via email.
  • Quotes and service history are stored by property and individual piece of equipment.

Thorough Inspections

  • Each system will be inspected twice per year.
  • Proactive issue identification—small repairs will be caught before they become costly and damage the system.
  • Keep tabs on system age and condition, and anticipate when system may need replacing.

Long-term Commitment

  • TemperaturePro Tampa Bay is a proven, trusted HVAC service provider.
  • We’re committed to implement a successful program.
  • We’re prepared to evolve this program to meet the ever-changing needs of you and your customers.

Convenient Billing

  • We can bill in a variety of ways to match your expectations.
  • Receive discounts on multiple units per property.
  • You’ll receive Berkshire Hathaway preferred pricing automatically—it’s stored in our system.

Trusted Service

Our technicians will visit twice a year for a complete inspection to ensure each system is working properly.


  • Check head pressures
  • Check sup-cool and superheat
  • Check compressor and condenser fan motor amp draws
  • Visually inspect coil, disconnects, and whip
  • Test capacitors and contactors
  • Test and record static pressures
  • Inspect air handler compartment
  • Blow out drain line and add pan tabs
  • Test thermostat in heat, cool, and emergency heat modes
  • Inspect thermostat connections
  • Record temperature differential

Preferred Pricing

Our pricing model starts at $130 for one unit (single family). Each additional unit at one property costs $90. $40 per trip will be added for return visits due to lock-outs.

Contact us for pricing for larger properties with 50+ units.

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